What does the green paint in bike lanes mean?

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The green painted areas that have been installed on E. Nine Mile Road, Woodward Heights, and Livernois are called "conflict areas.". They are spots on the road where there is potential for bicycles, automobiles, and public buses may interact due to presence of a bus stop or a right turn. The paint acts as signage to make all users of the road more aware of the shared space. 

Here is how they work: If you're driving a vehicle and you need to cross the bike lane (to make a turn, for example), use the green areas to do so. Never drive in a bike lane. If you're a cyclist, use caution and watch for vehicle turn signal when you approach a great patch. 9. What is the appropriate way to turn left if I am in a bike lane on the right side of the road?As you approach an intersection while riding in the bike lane:

  • Check to see if a car is in the drive lane over your shoulder
  • Signal a left hand turn by fully extending your left arm out to the side
  • Change lanes when able to safely, this will require moving to the drive lane and then the center turn lane (if available)
  • Complete the left turn when able to safely and obey normal traffic light laws