Gainsboro Street Resurfacing (2018)

Projects Overview

Project Summary:

Gainsboro Street between Woodward Heights and E. Cambourne will be resurfaced in 2018 with new bike lanes to improve the existing north/south bike route connection to north Ferndale and 9 Mile. 

The primary purpose of construction is to resurface Gainsboro from Woodward Heights to E. Cambourne. Along with resurfacing of the street, the contractor will be removing and replacing sections of concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk and ramps and those driveway approaches that must be removed in order to replace the curb and gutter.

As part of the project, bike lanes will be added to the street (between Woodland and E. Nine Mile), thereby improving the existing bike route from Downtown to Woodward Heights. Bike lane improvements are part of the City’s nonmotorized transportation plan, Ferndale Moves, and are in alignment with the City’s Complete Streets ordinance to design streets that safely accommodate all users of the roadway. Bike lanes installations in the City have been beneficial in making bicyclists more visible and providing traffic calming for busy streets. The completed street design will no longer permit parking on Gainsboro Street, but on-street parking will still be allowed on adjacent streets, such as E. Oakridge, E. Woodland, and E. Drayton.

Plans for the Gainsboro resurfacing project can be viewed at this link and are available at City Hall during Monday-Thursday, 8am-5:30pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the project last? Construction will commence in late April and will be completed 6 to 8 weeks later.
  • Where can I park on-street once the bike lane is installed? On-street parking will still be allowed on adjacent streets, such as E. Oakridge, E. Woodland, and E. Drayton.

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