Hilton Road (2016)

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Hilton Road

Hilton Road is underwent the first phase of resurfacing between Woodward Heights and 10 Mile Road during Spring 2015. This phase included asphalt resurfacing, ADA ramp compliance, plus pavement markings (including bike lanes and crosswalks) and updated signage. Pavement and signage plans can be found here.

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The City also completed reconstructing Hilton Road, between 8 Mile and 9 Mile Roads, in fall 2016. The road was upgraded during the resurfacing project, including a width reduction from 57 feet to 36 feet and the installation of new curb and gutter. The width reduction resulted from removing the center turn lane and narrowing the road to enable safer pedestrian crossing, reduction of storm water runoff, reduction of pavement maintenance costs, and beautification of the corridor. Left turn lanes will remain at appropriate intersections to maintain traffic flow. These changes were designed to reduce traffic speeds, increase safety, and create a user-friendly environment for all modes of transportation: walking, biking, and automobiles.

City Council approved staff to move forward with this federal aid funding project at their November 10th, 2014 meeting based on the reduced cross section and a projected budget of $1,856,900 or Option 4 as detailed in a memo written by City staff.

presentation was given at a public open house regarding the project on January 28 at the Ferndale Public Library.  Please contact the City with any questions or comments at 248-546-2366.

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