Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

Projects Overview

Project Summary:

The City created a neighborhood traffic calming program in 2016 to respond to the need to slow vehicles and increase safety on residential streets. Possible traffic calming measures include speed humps, curb extensions, signage, and chicanes. Interested in having your street evaluated for traffic calming? The traffic calming program includes a traffic and speed study, formal petition of the propose installation area, and a final staff recommendation. Contact the Community and Economic Development Department at 248-546-2366 for more details.

Current Traffic Calming Program Demonstration Areas

The City installed speed humps on four streets as traffic calming initiatives in fall 2016. The City installed proven methods for traffic calming along demonstration streets, where residents expressed a need for traffic calming and where improvements have been designated through our road bond. Speed humps are shorter and wider than typical speed bumps, and are used by cities like Ypsilanti, Farmington Hills, and other to safely encourage drivers to slow down on neighborhood streets. Speed humps are 3-4 inches high and 12-14 feet wide, and unlike their bumpier cousins, they have a 3-6-foot ramp on each side. This makes them great tools that have been shown to reduce speeds to 15-20 MPH where implemented. Installation is expected to be complete before November 2016.

Note: Speed humps to be installed near fire hydrants so parking spaces are not lost. Speed humps are not permitted to be installed on major streets or fire routes at this time.

Demonstration streets include:

  • W. Maplehurst (Pinecrest to Woodward): Speed Humps
  • W. Hazelhurst (Laprairie to Woodward): Speed Humps
  • W. Bennett (Edgewood to Woodward): Speed Humps
  • W. Drayton (Pinecrest to Livernois): Speed Humps

The City is interested in measuring this project’s success through pre-project and post-project surveys of residents on these streets. You can provide input by taking the surveys and providing feedback to us throughout the testing period, which will go until approximately May 2018. A pre-project survey was distributed in October 2017 and post-survey was mailed to residents on these streets in November 2017. Please fill it out and mail the survey to us or drop it off at City Hall, or take the survey online at To find out more details, call the Community and Economic Development Department at 248-546-2366.

Other projects:

W. Marshall Resurfacing (2020)
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W. Marshall, between Woodward Avenue and Allen, is scheduled for resurfacing during the 2020 construction season.

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Woodward Heights Resurfacing (2019)
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Woodward Heights, between Bermuda and Lennox, beginnin in April 2019.

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Pinecrest Resurfacing (South of W. Nine Mile) (2019)
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Pinecrest, between 8 Mile Road and W. Nine Mile Road, will be resurfaced beginning in April 2019.

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