Woodward Heights Resurfacing (2019)

Projects Overview

Project Summary:

The City of Ferndale has been awarded funding through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Surface Transportation Program and Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) for the resurfacing of Woodward Heights, between Bermuda and Pilgrim Road, during the 2019 construction season.

Two public meetings were held on December 13, 2018 at the Kulick Community Center to provide an overview of the project, during which the City's team wildiscussed the following topics:

  • Nature of the work
  • Construction schedule and timeline
  • Impacts to traffic and driveway access
  • Public Q&A

The presentation and plans shared at the meeting are available for review at these links: 

April 2019 Update

The Woodward Heights project has been awarded to Florence Cement Company and work will commence on May 6th. .  It is anticipated that the section east of Hilton Road will be open-to-traffic by the end of August 2019 and the section west of Hilton Road will be open-to-traffic by mid-November 2019.

The proposed road work includes the construction of new curbs with exposed gutter,driveway approaches, sidewalk ramps and the resurfacing of the existing roadway with a new asphalt surface.  During construction vehicular traffic will be reduced to one lane with the lane closures described as follows:

  • Stage 1:    One-way traffic will be maintained for eastbound traffic only. The north half of the road will be closed to traffic.
  • Stage 2:    Two-way traffic will resume west of Hilton Road. One-way traffic will be maintained for westbound traffic only east of Hilton Road. The south half of the road will be closed to traffic east of Hilton Road.
  • Stage 3:    Two-way traffic will resume east of Hilton Road. One-way traffic will be maintained for westbound traffic only west of Hilton Road. The south half of the road will be closed to traffic west of Hilton Road.

While the curbs and driveways are under construction, residents on Woodward Heights Boulevard will be allowed to park on the street overnight within the designated closure between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. if access to their driveway is prohibited due to the construction.  However, parking will not be allowed during the contractor’s available work hours of Monday thru Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Vehicles located on the street during the contractor’s available work hours are subject to ticketing and/or towing at the owner’s expense. Commercial drive approaches will be constructed in multiple stages in order to maintain access.

The contractor is prohibited from working the following holiday periods:

  • May 25th – May 27th (Memorial Day Weekend)
  • July 4th – July 7th (Independence Day Weekend)
  •  August 16th – August 18th (Dream Cruise Weekend)
  • August 31st – September 2nd (Labor Day Weekend)

For more information regarding the project or if you have any concerns regarding the construction please contact the City’s engineering consultant, Justin Wellman at Giffels-Webster, at (248)852-3100.

Project Plans

Review draft engineered drawings of the draft Woodward Heights resurfacing plans at this link.

Project Contact List

  • Engineering: Justin Wellman,248-852-3100,jwellman@giffelswebster.com
  • Planning: Justin Lyons,248-336-4370,jlyons@ferndalemi.gov or ced@ferndalemi.gov
  • Department of Public Works: Carlos Kennedy,248-546-2519,ckennedy@ferndalemi.gov

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the estimated time frame of construction? May 6th to mid-November. The portion of the project east of Hilton will be complete by end of August.
  • What is the project area? Woodward Heights, between Bermuda and Lennox. The project also includes Pleasant Ridge (Bermuda intersection) and Hazel Park (Lennox to I-75).
  • Based on the plans, my driveway appears to be on the repair list. Who do I contact with questions? Driveway will be maintained as much as possible and may be constructed in halves. Contact Justin Wellman with driveway construction questions (248-852-3100, jwellman@giffelswebster.com).
  • Why do we want protected bike lanes? Protected bike lanes provide a safer street for everyone and have been shown to increase ridership on streets where protected infrastructure has been installed. Separation from automobiles prevents potential collisions with vehicles, limits automobiles from driving in the bike lane, shortens crossing distances for pedestrians, and acts as traffic calming to limit vehicle speeds. For more information, click here.
  • How will the protected bike lanes be maintained in the winter? DPW has equipment that will be used to clear snow and ice from protected bike lanes. The bike lanes were planned in partnership with DPW to be sure plows could fit between protected areas and the curb.
  • What are the expected work hours and days of the week? 7a to 7p, Monday thru Saturday.
  • Will people be able to drive on Woodward Heights during construction? Yes, a minimum of one-way vehicle access will be available for the entirety of construction.
  • Will pedestrians be able to cross Woodward Heights during construction? Yes, temporary walkways will be installed at key intersections. Final locations to be determined closer to construction.
  • Will driveway approach be replaced? Yes, the area between the sidewalk and street will be replaced as part of the project.
  • How will the driveway approach replacement process work? Overall, individual driveway approaches will take approximately two weeks to complete. Residents and businesses will be notified by the road project contractor the day prior to driveway approach work to begin. A sign will be installed adjacent to driveways in case the contractor is not able to contact a resident. Residents are encouraged to park on side streets where possible, but will be able to park in the work zone between 7pm and 7am.
  • How wide will new driveway approaches be after construction? 10 feet is the standard driveway width in the road project. Existing driveway approaches that are less than 10 feet will be brought into standard compliance at 10 feet in width. Existing driveway approaches wider than 10 feet will replaced to match the existing width.
  • Will USPS be disrupted during construction? The City has notified the United States Postal Service of the project and mail service will not be interrupted by the construction.
  • Will trash and recycling pickup be disrupted during construction?  the days for collection will not change, Car Trucking will be picking up along Woodward Heights first thing on those mornings that they are currently scheduled. They have requested that residents place their trash/recycling bins as close to the roadway as possible.

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