Bike Parking Guide for Businesses

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Bike Parking Guide for Businesses



Safe and convenient bicycle parking can benefit a business.  Providing bike parking in front of a business can increase overall parking capacity at a small cost, attract customers who ride bicycles and provide a free downtown parking space for employees.

A Bicycle Parking Guide for Businesses provides information for businesses considering the installation of bike facilities.

Examples of Bike Parking Guides for Businesses:

Ann Arbor, MichiganChicago, Illinois

Retailers Guide to Implementing Effective Bicycle Parking

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Develop a Bicycle Parking Guide for Businesses that includes the following:

Describe the benefits of investing in a bicycle parking space.Provide detailed bicycle parking guidelines, such as space, size and location requirements.Describe the different options for short-term and long-term bicycle parking (bike racks, bike lockers, bike rooms, etc.).Supply list of bike parking manufacturers and suppliers.Some communities offer free bike rack installation in front of a business by request, as long is there is enough room in the right-of-way.

In addition, some communities adopt bicycle parking ordinances that specify a minimum level of bicycle parking requirements for different building types and land uses.  Click here for some examples.

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