Multi-Modal Hubs

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Multi-Modal Hubs


Multi-modal hubs serve as orientation and resources centers for multi-modal trips.  They may include bike sharecar sharebike repair stations,  and information kiosks .  They are typically located in city centers, business centers and major transportation corridors with access to transit.  Many times, amenities such as water fountains and restrooms are located at the Hub or nearby. They are most successful when placed in high profile locations.

Some Advice…

Sometimes car sharing programs may be hesitant to locate in your community in fear of not producing enough revenue.  In the past, other cities have subsidized the car share by guaranteeing a baseline revenue for the car share company.

Implementing a bike share program can be costly and there are many different ways they can be funded.  In a city like Ferndale, the operating cost for a bike share program would be around $330,000 to $470,000 per year.  This would include over 30 stations with 5 to 12 bikes per station. The proposed multi-modal hubs only identify 10 of the potential 30 bike-share locations.  The initial target should be to locate stations every half mile, at every intersection of  a bicycle facility and at key destinations. For more information on how to initiate a bike share program in your community check out the following resources:

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