Multi Modal Network

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The solution for a community’s multi-modal network is not one dimensional, but rather responds to the needs of the various users and trip types. A successful multi-modal network helps pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users get around conveniently, safely and comfortably and also alerts motorists to expect these users on the roadway.

The following links provide a more detailed breakdown of the proposed multi-modal network with separate maps and descriptions:

  • Cross Sections – show how the proposed improvements can be incorporated within the existing right-of-way
  • Road Crossings – proposed road crossing improvements at mid-block locations and at intersections
  • Bicycle Facilities – proposed cycle tracks, buffered bike lanes, bike lanes, shared lane markings and bicycle boulevards
  • Spot Improvements – proposed medians, parking shifts, traffic calming and gateway improvements
  • Multi-Modal Hubs – proposed bike share, car share, bike repair stations, access to transit and wayfinding kiosks
  • Transit Enhancements – proposed relocations of bus stops or facility improvements

The following map includes all of the proposed improvements in the multi-modal network.  Visit the Public Input page to provide feedback on the multi-modal network.


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