Network Implementation Plan

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When developing a framework for a multi-modal network, it is important to implement the plan in order of priority.  Priority is based on near-term opportunities, both physical and financial, and connections that will have the greatest effect on the most people. Fortunately, in Ferndale, many the proposed improvements can be integrated into larger road construction projects.  This is by far the most economical approach to completing the system and many of the costs will be incidental to the larger projects.

The recommendations for each corridor are made based on a system perspective, rather than a piecemeal approach.  This allows for project phasing that focuses on establishing a foundation system that crisscrosses the City and can be completed in the early stages. The implementation plan has been divided into five tracks. Click on the links below for more detailed descriptions and anticipated costs.

  • CIP Projects – These are projects that can be accomplished in the next few years by integrating them with the City’s Capital Improvement Plan with incidental cost to the City.  These include segments of E 9 Mile Road, Pinecrest Drive, and Hilton Road along with projects that were underway, on W 9 Mile Road and Livernois Avenue, during the development of this plan. Costs are Incidental.
  • 1st Priority Projects – In the near-term, the focus should be on establishing the core network that creates connections across the City and provides a backbone to the multi-modal system.  This phases focuses on building on the existing bike route network and providing safe road crossing at major roadways.  Many of these projects may be accomplished through relatively modest changes to the existing road system. Cost Estimate $3.4 million.
  • 2nd Priority Project – Once the network core has been established the focus should be on expanding the network via cost-effective projects that may generally be accomplished within the existing road cross section. Some of the projects in this phase may be dependent on items from other phases being complete. Cost Estimate $2.3 million.
  • Resurface/Reconstruction Projects – The costs to undertake some projects independent of a road reconstruction project can be significant.  Along segments of W 9 Mile Road and Hilton Road there are limited cost effective solutions that can be accomplished in the near future. In order to maximize the impact of finite resources, it is recommended that the improvements for these corridors be incorporated the next time the roadway is resurfaced or reconstructed. Costs are Incidental.
  • Long Term Projects – These are large multi-year projects that reach beyond the boundaries of the City and many times not in the Cities jurisdiction.  The City should coordinate with the State and other nearby communities to implement these projects as part of larger corridor reconstruction projects. Too many variables to determine costs at this time.

It should be recognized that this is a master plan level evaluation and every nuance of each street and all of the intersections cannot be effectively addressed at a city-wide scale.  These recommendations should be used as a guide.  They provide a pragmatic vision of what can be accomplished in the City in the near future.  As each corridor is scheduled for improvements, the recommendations should be revisited to see that they work with the current context, still meet the expectations of the community and reflect current best practices.

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