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Woodward Corridor Neighborhood Bicycle Network Launches This Summer!
The City of Ferndale and five neighboring communities (Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge and Royal Oak) were awarded a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant through MDOT and SEMCOG in July 2015. The highly visible bicycle route will allow residents to connect with schools, libraries and downtowns through Woodward Corridor communities without having to ride on Woodward Avenue. The bicycle route will accomplish a number of projects included in the previously adopted Ferndale Moves plan and showcase the regional cooperation taken to complete the project. Construction is nearly completion with signage, improved pedestrian crossings and bike repair stations installed. See below for a map of the route and let us know where you will travel on the route!

IMG_5933 Bike repair station in progress at Geary Park (August 2016)

Fall 2016 Traffic Calming Demonstration Areas
The City is excited to announce traffic calming initiatives are coming to a few neighborhood streets this fall! Residents have told us loud and clear that they want cars moving slowly through neighborhood streets where kids, pets, and others are at play or on the move. We’re going to install proven methods for traffic calming along demonstration streets, where residents expressed a need for traffic calming and where improvements have been designated through our road bond. The City held a community meeting about the project on August 31st and we are excited to share details on what we learned and how the project will advance.
Speed humps are shorter and wider than typical speed bumps, and are used by cities like Ypsilanti, Farmington Hills, and other to safely encourage drivers to slow down on neighborhood streets. Speed humps are 3-4 inches high and 12-14 feet wide, and unlike their bumpier cousins, they have a 3-6-foot ramp on each side. This makes them great tools that have been shown to reduce speeds to 15-20 MPH where implemented. Installation is expected to be complete before November 2016.
Speed Humps Photo
Note: Speed humps to be installed near fire hydrants so parking spaces are not lost.

Demonstration streets include:
-W. Maplehurst (Pinecrest to Woodward): Speed Humps
-W. Hazelhurst (Laprairie to Woodward): Speed Humps
-W. Bennett (Edgewood to Woodward): Speed Humps
-W. Drayton (Pinecrest to Livernois): Speed Humps

The City is interested in measuring this project’s success through pre-project and post-project surveys of residents on these streets. You can provide input by taking the surveys and providing feedback to us throughout the testing period, which will go until approximately October 2017. A pre-project survey is included with this letter. Please fill it out and mail it to us or drop it off at City Hall, or take the survey online at To find out more details, call the Community and Economic Development Department at 248-546-2366.

East Nine Mile Road Road Diet

The City of Ferndale completed its East Nine Mile Road multi-modal and resurfacing project in Summer 2015. The project area was East Nine Mile from Woodward Avenue to West End Street and funded by the City of Ferndale Major Roads and Federal Highway SAFETEA 3R Grant. 

The project included a conversion of the road from 4 to 3 lanes, installing landscaped median buffers, improved pedestrian crossing points and ramps, bike lanes, road resurfacing, and some curb and drive apron replacements. Pedestrian push button crossings were installed at City Hall and Credit Union One areas. In the median of Woodward and Nine Mile, the outer Nine Mile lanes at the intersection was converted to right turns only, and the median lane converted from 3 to 2 lanes. 

Click here to see the plan.

The plans included the following improvements:


Hilton Road

Hilton Road is underwent the first phase of resurfacing between Woodward Heights and 10 Mile Road during Spring 2015. This phase included asphalt resurfacing, ADA ramp compliance, plus pavement markings (including bike lanes and crosswalks) and updated signage. Pavement and signage plans can be found here.

Download (PDF, 845KB)

The City is also planning on reconstructing Hilton Road, between 8 and 9 Mile Roads, and it is scheduled to start summer 2016. The road will be upgraded during the resurfacing project, including a width reduction from 57 feet to 36 feet and the installation of new curb and gutter. The width reduction will result from removing the center turn lane and narrowing the road to enable safer pedestrian crossing, reduction of storm water runoff, reduction of pavement maintenance costs, and beautification of the corridor. Left turn lanes will remain at appropriate intersections to maintain traffic flow. These changes are designed to reduce traffic speeds, increase safety, and create a user-friendly environment for all modes of transportation: walking, biking, and automobiles.

City Council approved staff to move forward with this federal aid funding project at their November 10th, 2014 meeting based on the reduced cross section and a projected budget of $1,856,900 or Option 4 as detailed in a memo written by City staff.

presentation was given at a public open house regarding the project on January 28 at the Ferndale Public Library.  Please contact the City with any questions or comments at 248-546-2366.

current and future pic

Download (PDF, 857KB)

Download (PDF, 731KB)

Download (PDF, 316KB)

Livernois Street

01 Eight Mile to Marshall 2012 12 03-page-001Livernois Street, from 8 Mile Road to 9 Mile Road, has new bike lanes! Improvements include:

What is the green paint on Livernois?! The green paint is designed to identify conflict points for vehicles and bicycles. It is painted in areas most common for vehicle/bicycle crashes. Councilwoman Melanie Piana explains green paint and more about the Livernois bike lanes on her blog, Read more about colored bike facilities at the National Association of City Transportation Officials website.

Right-Turn with Bike Lane