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Cyclists must obey the rules of the road as any other vehicle operator, including all traffic signs, lane markings and signals, and use hand signals to indicate turns, slowing or stopping (per Michigan law)

Yes! You can ride single-file or side-by-side at any time, but no more than that unless you’re in a bike lane or on a bike path. Be sure to audibly notify your fellow riders if an automobile is behind you. 

Bicyclists should stay to the right side of the roadway or curb to allow for faster vehicles to pass on the left. However there are exceptions:

  • When traveling at the speed of traffic
  • When passing other bicycles or vehicles
  • When turning left
  • When it’s unsafe, e.g. there’s debris or pedestrians in the road.
  • When the road is too narrow for a vehicle to safely pass you
  • When going straight and there’s a right turn lane.
  • When on a one-way street with two or more lanes. In that case, you can ride on on the left-hand side of the road.