The City of Ferndale’s Multi-Modal Plan presents a vision on how to improve and expand on opportunities for pedestrians, bicycles and transit users. It is in response to the growing demand for alternative forms of travel and the need to improve safety of those who choose to walk, bike or take transit.  The plan looks at how the City may transform its streets into outstanding public spaces that are friendly to pedestrians, integrate facilities for bicyclists and transit users while continuing to serve the needs of motorized traffic.

Ferndale’s vibrant downtown, surrounded by close-in residential areas on a tight grid of streets, provides an enviable foundation to build upon. Most residents are within convenient walking and bicycling distance to the majority of destinations in the city. This plan provides the guidance on how to capitalize on that good fortune and make Ferndale an outstanding walkable, bikable and transit friendly community.

Contents of Plan

For a quick overview of the plan check out the Executive Summary.

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