MoGo Bike Share (2019-2020)

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The City of Ferndale was awarded a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant award 2018 to fund a regional bike share program in summer 2019. The bike share program is in partnership with MoGo Bike Share and include cities of Berkley, Detroit, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, and Royal Oak. The City of Ferndale installed 7 stations around Ferndale with locations based on feedback at a community meeting held at the Kulick Community Center on February 7, 2019 and previous suggestions. Residents and businesses are encouraged to visit MoGo’s website to “Suggest a Station” for future stations.

MoGo Bike Share was installed in each community in June 2020. If you are interested in more details about MoGo, please visit MoGo's website.


  • What is bike share? Bike share consists of a network of bicycles shared in a community and encouraged for short-term use. Users check out a bike from any station, ride the bike, and return the bike to any of station in the system. Bike share is a relatively low cost transportation option that offers freedom and flexibility in getting where you need to go. Many cities around the world have invested in bike share and recognize its potential economic, environmental and social benefits.
  • What's the difference between bike share and bike rental? Bike share is designed for short, point A to point B trips, while bike rentals are typically intended for longer, recreational rides.
  • How do stations work? A station consists of three main parts: docks, a kiosk and a map.Each bike is locked at a dock, where it can only be unlocked using a bike share key or ride code. The dock has a slot for the bike share key (for Monthly, Annual and Access Pass holders) and a keypad to enter a ride code (for Daily Pass holders). Each dock has a red, yellow, and green light indicator. A red light indicates a broken bike that cannot be unlocked or used. Kiosks are available at each station, where riders can purchase Daily Passes.Each station also features a system map to help determine your location, as well as other stations in the system.
  • How do passes work? Daily, monthly, and annual access passes are available. Please visit MoGo's website for more information on passes.
  • Where will bike share stations be located? Final station locations are being finalized in April and May, but the 7 stations in Ferndale will be distributed throughout the City near parks, downtown, transit, and other neighborhood amenities. Click here to see a list of current MoGo bike share stations.
  • How many bikes will be part of the Ferndale system? 29 total bikes will be available in Ferndale.
  • Do I have to wear a helmet? Cyclists under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while riding. Although adults 18 years and older are not required by law to wear a helmet, all riders should wear a helmet to reduce the risk of head injury in case of an accident.

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