Woodward Bicycling and Walking Safety Audit (2019)

Projects Overview

Project Summary

The Cities of Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge were awarded a $40,000 SEMCOG (Southeast Michigan Council of Governments) Planning Assistance grant for a bicycling and walking safety audit on Woodward Avenue. The grant award helps further goals and initiatives of the Strategic Plan, Master Plan, and Ferndale Moves nonmotorized plan. Toole Design was selected after a request for proposals to complete the study and has provided a contractor for professional services.

The intent of the study is to assess current conditions, continue public engagement, and provide detailed design recommendations that allow for flexibility with future transit. The next steps include:

  • Survey (issued March 27 and completed May 31 2019): Thank you for taking the survey. Results are included in the Appendix of the report.
  • Walking Audit (April 18, 2019): A walking audit of Woodward Avenue with Toole Design and the community to physically walk and assess current conditions. The audit was completed on Thursday, April 18, 2019 from 6pm-8pm with Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge residents, Council and Commission members, City staff, and MDOT staff. Findings from the audit are included in the final report.
  • Final Report (June 2019): The final report was completed in late June 2019 and is available for download HERE. A paper copy of the report is on file at City Hall.

Questions can be directed to Planning Manager Justin Lyons at jlyons@ferndalemi.gov and City Manager Jim Breuckman at citymanager@cityofpleasantridge.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much local funding will be part of the study? Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge each contributed $4,000 (a total of $8,000) to the overall $40,00 study project.
  • What are the study's geographic boundaries? I-696 to 8 Mile Road.

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