Policies and Programs

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Existing Policies and Programs

The following list highlights some of the existing policies and programs that currently support multi-modal transportation in the City of Ferndale:

  • Complete Streets Ordinance– Adopted in October 2010, this policy supports streets that safely accommodate all users of the right-of-way, including: pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders of all ages and abilities, as well as truck, bus and automobile drivers
  • Mixed Use Zoning – promotes diversity of land uses to cultivate more compact and comfortable environments for bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Ferndale Green Cruise – a family-friendly event that focuses on renewable resources in transportation
  • Green Week – a week-long celebration that features daily events designed to amuse, educate and promote environmentally-friendly living
  • Downtown Development Tours – walking tours around the City of Ferndale
  • Downtown Ferndale Automobile & Bicycle Parking Map– identifies locations of on-street bike racks

Proposed Policies and Programs

The City should focus on the following policies and programs over the next five years:

  • Safe Routes to School Program – an international movement to make it safe, convenient and fun for children to walk and bike to school
  • Walking and Bicycling Maps – wayfinding guides that help build the brand of the community as an accommodating and welcoming place for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Bike Parking Guide for Businesses –  a guide for businesses considering the installation of bike facilities
  • Annual Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts – part of a nationwide effort to provide consistent data on bicycle and pedestrian activity
  • Annual Review of Bicycle and Pedestrian Crashes – bicycle and pedestrian crashes should be monitored and analyzed on a yearly basis to determine mitigation measures
  • Design Guidelines – best practices that are referenced when scoping and designing a transportation project
  • Educational Campaign – provides educational information to all roadway users to create a safe and successful multi-modal system
  • Downtown Parking Alternatives – policies and programs that support non-driving transportation options for downtown Ferndale commuters
  • Community Placemaking – programs that enhance the character of the streets and help make a community an attractive place to live and visit

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